Student Support Services

As a student support services team, we are here to help students with social, emotional, academic, and career related topics throughout middle school.  Our goal is to assist all students with achieving their maximum potential. We provide individual and small group counseling, guidance and assistance on topics of goal-setting, academic planning, self awareness/esteem, career planning, transition planning, and crisis intervention.   We are also involved with new student registration, scheduling, grade level and building transitions, consultation with parents and teachers, classroom presentations, 504 case management, referrals to outside agencies, and overall coordination of the counseling and guidance program.  

When meeting with a student support staff member there is confidentiality between the student and this staff member except in cases where he/she indicates the potential to harm him/herself or another individual. In addition, Minnesota law mandates us, along with all school staff, to report any allegations of child abuse/neglect.‚Äč